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  Shandong new continent Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is Shandong jiujianpeng Group Investment Holdings, a traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with the modernization and comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise, in Pingyi Economic Development Zone honeysuckle Lu Xi Duan, established in February 1999 with a registered capital of 29 million yuan. Her predecessor, respectively, Linyi traditional Chinese medicine factory and Linyi pharmaceutical factory, has more than 50 years of production history, Shandong Province Science and Technology Agency identified as high-tech enterprises, repeatedly won the Eighth National Invention Exhibition Silver Award, three National Medicine Management Bureau of science and technology progress award, Shandong Province Spark Science and technology progress second-class award. Companies to invest 2 billion yuan in Pingyi County, Linyi City Economic Development Zone built a new factory, in November 2014 smoothly from Linyi Lanshan District moved to the Pingyi. October 2015  the flag red wealth (Beijing) Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and nine studio group to start a strategic cooperation, work together to promote the comprehensive development of the new continent pharmaceutical companies, at present, the project has progressed smoothly, equipment installation nearing completion, has pilot production conditions, is expected in September this year through the GMP certification, to achieve normal operation.
  Company production of proprietary Chinese medicines, tablets, pills, granules, tincture, electuary, syrup, oral liquid, plaster, etc. eight formulations, 67 species. Said "the spark of new products" Xintai "won the eighth session of the invention exhibition Silver Award, China recognized brand products, the State Pharmaceutical Administration Science and technology progress third prize of Shandong Province Science and technology progress second prize, the provincial quality association" to the whole society recommended products ";" Xintai "as" National Chinese medicine to protect species belonging to the national new drug, to fill the domestic blank. "Muxiang SHUNQI pill" and "Ganmao Qingre granules", "compound Bulbus Fritillariae essence tablet" was awarded the "provincial quality products" title; "motherwort particles", "small Huoluo pills" was awarded the "National Patient satisfaction award number, selling the country, praised by the majority of patients welcome.
  Western medicine products are: tablets, capsules, oral solution, oral liquid, emulsion and other forms, 68 varieties. The aniracetam is have been in West Europe, South Africa and many other countries applied for patent of a new brain function to improve medicine, is a national second class of drugs; "WELLTEX" oral liquid (gentamycin sulfate oral solution) is four class of drugs included in the national Spark Program and the development of the country, is the a antibiotic oral liquid, the company an exclusive production; cod liver oil emulsion is applied for the national patent four types of drug; gentamicin injection was "the doctor recommended medication" title; "gentamicin", "compound stomach" friends, "dextran injection" won the "province of high-quality products," the title.
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